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The Weekly Update 12/01/2023

| December 01, 2023

The Weekly Update 12/01/2023


“The Roaring 20’s, Version 2.0”


The Recession we have been told is right there, look at it, has not arrived after two long years.

What most investors have completely missed in all the fearful headlines is exactly what I have been sharing with our Wealth Strategies Group client family in these editions of The Weekly Update and the monthly update for The Seven Signs of a Changing Economy ™, are keys like these:

  • Current market valuations of Corporate America as measured by Fair Market Value (FMV) are very reasonable. Detailed in The Weekly Update of 10/20/23 (read it here).
  • Household debt to income has never been lower as detailed in The Weekly Update of 10/27/23 (read it here).
  • Household income, net worth, spending and profits of Corporate America have never been higher. All source cited facts detailed in The Weekly Update on 11/10/23 (read it here).
  • In The Weekly Update for 11/17/23 (read it here), I detailed how the calendar and election cycles are now suggesting the potential for significant increases in the value of Corporate America, as measured by the S&P 500.

I clearly remember the same sideways range in valuations and volatility, in 1994-1995, and it reminds me of the last two years.  But what happened after 1994-1995?  We had 5 years of values trending up and almost straight up!

But don’t worry, your news source does not want you to be rich, they want your eyeballs to sell stuff!

My guess for the next “bologna monster” is that the press will create out of thin air – sort of like “The Recession that Didn’t Recess” ™, “No One is Afraid”, i.e., a market peak signal!  This of course will suggest a crash straight ahead… see it, it’s right there!

Don’t fall for it!

So yes, perhaps our current economic backdrop is more like the backdrop of the roaring 20’s of the last century.  It’s right there for you to see in the links above and the library of detail I have been writing about and posting to our Wealth Strategies Group website for the last two years. 

I did not say straight up, and I did not say without volatility, yet the positive economic backdrop, inflation collapsing in on itself, and eye-popping earnings for Corporate America are source based, quantifiable and solid!

These are just more fact based and source cited data points that will keep your WSG Team continuing to add lower risk, lower volatility, and best-of-class investments to our client family’s asset allocations.

I’m interested in your thoughts, comments, and observations.  Feel welcome to call, email, or stop by the office and say Hi.


James O. Lunney, CFP®


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