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The Weekly Update for 8/4/2023

| August 04, 2023

There has been a lot of heavy subject matter in the past few Financial Fitness write ups, so I decided to keep this one light. The summer months in the financial markets are also generally slow on data, so a perfect time for this.

As you all are acutely aware by now, from early last year until early 2023 we have been keeping a large amount of cash and cash equivalents (roughly 50-70%) in client accounts as a “shock absorber”. As we progressed into 2023 I have slowly and thoughtfully begun to nibble back into our favorite funds bringing cash and cash equivalents closer to 30% of the total account values.

My prediction is that we will see a recession within the next 12 months. I expect it to be short in duration and shallow in depth, but still encourages me to hold the 30% cash for three reasons: first, it does not participate in the everyday market volatility, which I expect to continue. Second, we earn roughly 5% annualized as we wait for more clarity and stability. And third, gun powder on the sidelines will come in handy when we are given a buying opportunity at lower prices.

The Wealth Strategies Group Trifecta continues to remain in play: Don’t make our client family poor, Five Year Money, and no one knows the future!

As you and your families are enjoying the summertime sunshine and activities, please know that I am here and available to discuss any comments, questions, or updates you have!

I am interested in your thoughts, comments, and questions!


Brittany N. Jarocki, CFP®


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